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Our view and mantra is that students have to be stimulated and supported but also have to be challenged with demanding tasks. Challenges improve our skills! Students at the EAD-Group are fully integrated in our projects, goals and the group life. We work together and have fun and enjoy together! We have always new ideas what to do next and projects to be worked on but we are also open to your research and project ideas and try to bring them together with our goals and in particular support you to develop your skills.

Please just sent me an email and let us talk about the opportunities at the EAD-Group. We are searching always for talents and people who want to be innovative and change things. We are probably searching for you! Let's get in contact!

Current challanges for students interested in research projects or Bachelor/ Master's theses are:

  • Development of a framework for algorithm benchmarking: automatic benchmarking and statistical testing of randomized search heuristics
  • Simulation Optimization for Multi-Location Inventory Models with Lateral Transshipments: automatization and parallelization/ frontend development
  • Cooperative Privacy Preserving Data Analysis for Small or Medium Size Enterprises: development and implementation of privacy preserving data mining methods
  • Tool Integration Framework for the Software Development Processes: cooperative development together with Saxonia Systems
  • Climate Monitoring and Planning Toolkit: moduls for various greenhouse gas balancing and planning activities
  • SustainableITServices Toolbox: service solutions for small or medium-sized enterprises
  • ...and what you suggest maybe too :)



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