Summer Term 2013


Learn about:

  • Information Management (information sources, information resources, information lifecycle, managing information systems)
  • Business Process Management (CMMI, ARIS)
  • Project Management (planning, execution, control of it-projects, project management tools, project controlling)
  • IT Service Management (frameworks, IT infrastructure library, ISO 20000, COBIT)
  • IT Controlling (total costs of ownership, portfolio controlling, product controlling, project controlling)
  • IT-Governance (frameworks)
  • IT Compliance

Code: 133500


Exam: written, 120 min


Learn about:

  • Development of a system which uses data representation in XML, XML processing, persistence strategies, XML-based protocols app-development
  • Reference systems can be content management systems, service-based applications in the EAI-context, e-learning systems etc.
  • SOAP standard and implementation of SOAP services, WSDL, Java SOAP framework
  • RESTful web-services and web-applications
  • Applications of web-technologies with XML (Java EE Reference Model, Android SDK)
  • Business-process modeling and service-based implementation
  • Team-oriented project work, soft-skill training

Code: 132000


Exam: written report

Business Informatics I

Learn about:

  • Information systems
  • IT infrastructure components and development trends
  • Data organization and management
  • Data base management systems, data base design, ERDs, normalization
  • Communication systems
  • Decision support systems, OLAP, Data Mining
  • Information management
  • Calculations with spead sheets

Code: 112200


Exam: written, 120 min

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