Economic Aspects of Demand Side Management in Energy Grids

since 01.02.2012


The aim of this project is to demonstrate that a certain cut-off period for a number of consumers can gain economic benefits for the energy providers or network operators. The shutdown of certain participants is based on its specifications/ shutdown policies (time frame of a possible cut-off, turn-off power in kW, the maximum amount of time off in hours, minimal recovery time in h etc.). Static calculations provide answers to questions such as: Which consumer should be switched of in terms of cost optimization? How long can a reduction be maintained using demand side management and which costumers will be switched off in a certain situation? What is the maximum possible demand reduction for a given time frame available and which costumers are used? etc. Those and further aspects are considered more in deep in discrete simulation scenarios, based on statistically motivated/ price-based motivated and physically motivated shutdown events. The simuation can, for example, evaluate the profit for each participant or other performance indicators directly and plot those characteristics as a function of the input parameters.