SERVING – Service-Platform-Distribution-Grid for integral load management

01.08.2015 - 30.04.2020


The research project SERVING, located on the 6th Energy Research Programme – Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency, has the aim to operate intelligently the distribution grid with the help of a Service-Platform. The infrastructure of distribution grid will be operated in an optimal way under consideration of decentralized Renewable Energy Plants and the use of controllable loads. Thereby, the highest flexibility potentials of consumers are available to energy suppliers. The Service-Platform is not only responsible for the communication, it also performs the state-estimation of the distribution grid and takes various requirements of the market into account. In case of network bottlenecks or quality problems the load is shifted by help of a new load-allocation algorithm. This method is practically tested on the basis of heat storage systems and water supply systems. The development of the Service-Platform-Distribution-Grid is a sustainable step within the evolution of the distribution grid into a smart grid and provides a holistic solution for reliable distribution grids in the future.


Politics and Society
  • Reliable, environment-friendly and affordable energy supply
  • Realisation of the energy concept until 2050
  • Liberal and deregulated markets
  • Flexible power acquisition
  • Customer retention
  • Innovative products
  • Attractive prices
  • Moderat cost
  • Sustainable supply
  • Comfort
  • Autom. energy management
Network Operator
  • Optimal use of the infrastructure "Grid"
  • Integration of renewable power sources
  • Innovative operational management


  • Communication platform for end-user, supplier, network operator
  • Load management with regard to grid constraints
  • Anit-discriminatory access
  • Innovative concept for operational management
  • State-estimation for the distribution grid to identify critical network conditions
  • Load-allocation for optimal utilization of the grid
  • Algorithmic scalability
  • Application scalability
  • Consideration of data security and privacy
  • Defined interfaces between stakeholders


Interaction between Stakeholders



SERVING is part of the "Stromnetze" research initiative of the German Federal Government. Clicking on the logo will open a new website (in German) about the initiative with additional information.