Development of a Cognitive Computing Engine for monitoring APIs in hybrid cloud environments

01.01.2016 – 31.12.2017


Company data are today stored in various locations and in various forms. The use of all these data in a single application is no longer a problem thanks to existing cloud integration applications. Many of these applications can monitor known data sources and retrieve the data according to predetermined patterns. Adding data sources or correcting connection problems with these software, makes always an extensive intervention by IT specialists necessary.

The goal of the HC project is to simplify the addition of new data sources by automatically recognizing data structure and operating parameters. During the operation, changes to these are also to be recognized and the corresponding APIs adapted. If adaptation is not possible, adjustments are to be proposed via a coordinated API change management process. This should ideally make the application available with all its data sources without any downtime. The experience of a system administrator / application supervisor is to be handled with the help of the so-called "cognitive computing".