With the Open Development Integration Platform (OpenDip) a new way of software development is introduced. With OpenDIP the user does not need to be a professional developer to be able to create new functionality as a Platform App, automate a process or even build complex enterprise applications. To achieve this the user simply applies an easy but powerful script-language which operates within his domain. The functionality provided by this language is ideally already implemented by a developer, which can be a team member or an external programmer. The particular functions that are used are stored in an internal "functionality repository" and an external "function store". In case a desired functionality is not already available, it is possible to request it in the function store. Such functionalities are usually small and independent and thus they can be developed in a short period of time and then delivered via the function store. Another aspect of OpenDIP is the possibility to connect different tools' data and functionalities as resources. Thus, OpenDIP is releasing the user of the need to know exactly where the data he uses comes from or goes to. This is achieved by using connectors which are implemented once by a developer and can then be used as resource providers.




  • Bernd Grams
  • Raik Bieniek
  • Max Wielsch
  • Marcus Döring
  • Robert Zoeke