Industrial Sector Energy Efficiency Comparison

since 01.02.2012


The developed energy efficiency benchmark allows manufacturing SMEs a fast evaluation of the energy efficiency achieved in the company. Available are the sectors of the economy (NACE - Nomenclature Générale des Activités Économiques dans les Communautés Européennes) from 1010 to 3320. The energy efficiency of a company is compared with the average energy efficiency of all companies associated with their industrial sector (NACE) in Germany. The benchmark is based on 12 energy efficiency indicators to characterize the energy efficiency compared to the average in the sector (four-digit level of statistics) as ratios. The annual repetition of the possible benchmarks will make it clear that the benchmarked company holds step with the increasing energy efficiency and rapid advances in your sector. The required data to be provided are the current year values ​​for the energy consumption by energy source and as a reference, the turnover, gross value added and employment. The benchmark which is based on those values provides discussion and recommendations for the benchmarked company on 7 pages with references to the benchmark results. It can be requested by email.


  • Wirtschaftsinformationen Prof. Wilhelm Riesner


Wirtschaftsinformationen Prof. Wilhelm Riesner