Development of a technology for live analysis of data streams with regard to semantics and cross-linked data structures

01.01.2015 - 30.06.2016


Dealing with information overload has become a side effect of living in a digital world. Many commonly used tools for data access and data search are optimized for a very specific environment, like online search machines for web-based content or SQL queries for data stored in relational database management systems. A limited application area of such techniques can bring poor and inconsistent search results as soon as the seek covers data sources with different structure and semantics. This is often the case of information exchange platforms for large enterprises where information is being stored in wide range of archives in form of: databases, files or web. Finding relevant information in such an environment becomes a challenge.

The NXTM project strongly focuses on some aspects of the above problems. Its significant part includes development of a flexible data and text analysis module. The main feature of this module will be the ability to dynamically and autonomously recognise and link patterns, structures and associations between different pieces of information represented in various forms (PDF files, text files, web content, etc…). Gathering such portions of additional metadata should significantly improve the quality and speed of the search process. Additionally, a flexible and intuitive graphical user interface will be designed to enable easy access to the analyzed data.