The group is interested in all aspects of enterprise application development with a main focus on the core topics as introduced below.

Our current leading topic is Computational Sustainability – research concerning sustainable information technologies and applications. This goes beyond the Green IT paradigm; and on the one hand covers technologies for more simple, effective, scalable, robust, adaptable and enhanced software solutions, and on the other hand promotes IT applications to induce improvements towards more sustainable processes, services and products. Within the framework of the SITA-Research Center, we work on these topics together with scientists from other research institutions in an international setting.

Research directions

  • Sustainability in Enterprise IT: Enterprise Information Systems, IT Service Management, Enterprise Application Integration, Middleware and Enterprise Service Bus Solutions
  • Green Information Systems: Auctions and Electronic Markets, Energy Efficiency, Demand Side Integration, Carbon Footprints
  • Logistics and Supply: Enterprise Co-operations, Production Flows, Supply Chains, Virtual Enterprises
  • Business Intelligence: Data Analysis, Reporting, Privacy Aspects, Enterprise Analytics

Methods and technologies of interest include Web-based Systems, Cloud Computing, Services Computing, Distributed Computing, Simulation Optimization and Randomized Optimization Heuristics.